How To Make Yourself A Fast Pot Of Cash In Record Time, Virtually Force People To Become Buyers, And Easily Build A TORRENT Of Affiliates All Promoting For You...  Guaranteed!


You're Really Going To Like This...


I'd like you to imagine for a moment that you had something that would give you the ability to:

  • Make money FAST!
  • Virtually force people to become buyers.
  • Build a torrent of affiliates all promoting for you.
  • Automate your sales and downloads.
  • Generate income 24/7.



By simply using the Nickel Script to instantly turbo charge your web site, you can achieve all of the above.

Several times now I've used this amazing bit of software to run nickel sales that pulled in earnings of over $2,000 in less than 48 hours.

Not bad eh?

And a friend of mine also used the Nickel Script to build himself a very nice list of buyers (and make a nice chunk of change) in just 24 hours.  We both continue to make ongoing sales.

Well I was pleased with the results and there's no reason why you shouldn't be similarly pleased when you try it out yourself.

I did this in each case by setting up a nickel sale and letting people know about it.  A combination of the sales copy and the Nickel Script did the rest.


How Do Nickel Sales Work?

Nickel sales use two principles of influence to create an almost unstoppable feeling of urgency in potential buyers.

#1 - Social proof.
#2 - The fear of loss.

The Nickel Script will display how many units have been sold, and also the current sale price plus the next few sales prices for you automatically in a grid.

Like this EXAMPLE here:-


This simple grid engages both principles above.

#1 - Social proof.  Potential buyers can see how many copies have been sold already.  If other people are buying and the price is rising, then it must be a good thing, right?

#2 - The fear of loss.  Your prospects know what the price is currently, but they can also see that if they act right away and buy now, then they'll be buying at the lowest price.

It's been proven time and again that people will do more and act faster to avoid the LOSS of something, than they will to actually gain something.

I've been there.  I've attended meetings in the past just because I didn't want to miss out on what was going on, and I knew that if I didn't go, I'd lose out.

Sad isn't it?  ;-)

But I'm not alone...


Getting The Sale Started

Now in the example above, you might think "well what if no-one has bought yet?"

The thing is, all you need to do is make sure the price is ridiculously low so that it's a bargain that just can't be passed by, say something around $5 or less.  You then explain that the final price will be whatever it is you've decided that the final price should be, which of course is a much higher one.

People see the low price in comparison to the higher one, and well...

I can't resist a true bargain can you?

So if you started your nickel sale at $5, and raised the price by 5 cents with each sale, after just twenty sales, the price has increased by a dollar to $6 and you've made $109.50.  In two nickel sales I've run, the first 20 sales were made within 10 minutes of me announcing the site open.

From that point on, all sales are at $6+ until a further 20 sales have completed, and at that point you've made $239.  In my example nickel sales I hit that point after 25 minutes.

And now the price is $7+, and things get interesting.  The social proof kicks in big time, and people suddenly realise "OMG, I'd better HURRY!"

It doesn't stop either.

Every time someone new lands on your sales page, they see all the buyers that have gone before, and they know that the previous person who happily paid for the product before them only paid 5 cents less.

They also know that if they hang around and don't buy there and then, they could pay a lot more than the extra 5 cents.

After all, there have been 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 or more buyers before them and the price is now nearly at $10, and they could have got it earlier for $5 if they'd been quicker.

And so they buy.

From your perspective, the price has now risen to a reasonable $10 per sale, and you have a mountain of social proof that the product is easily worth that price and more...

System Requirements

  • PHP 4.3 or above
  • CURL support installed for PayPal IPN


What Can The Nickel Script Do For You?

Just stop to think about this for a moment.

If you've found an ideal solution to a problem you had, and you knew the price was rising rapidly as other people were buying, wouldn't you act very quickly in order to secure the low price?  Of course you would.

I predict that you are going to see a lot of web sites all using the Nickel Script to provide a quality product while creating a stampede of eager buyers.

Right about now you must be wondering what the Nickel Script can do...

  • Easy to install and configure.
  • No database required - uses a robust flat text file system.
  • Template driven.
  • On page variables replaced with code, text and other values e.g. {CODE}
  • Completely automated.  Set it up, let it run.
  • Price auto increments or remains constant.
  • Doubles up as a normal sales script.
  • Unique download link sent to buyer after successful purchase.
  • Protected downloads.
  • Sends email to buyer if payment is pending.  ie echeck.
  • Automatically deals with refunds and removes access to buyer.
  • Easily delete purchase data and re-send download links via simple admin interface.
  • Admin ban filter to prevent a problem buyer or serial refunder from accessing the download page.
  • Easily add your own auto responder via a text file.  Name / email auto parsed into fields.
  • Works with PayPal and supports all Paypal currencies.
  • Use PayPal payment button or your own graphics via {CODE} variables. (Optional)
  • Logs PayPal errors if payment is invalid. (Optional)
  • Redirects buyer straight to download page if successful payment detected on return.  If response is late from Paypal, buyer is directed to thank you page instead.
  • View transactions and buyers via admin panel.
  • View sales totals and payment amount in admin area for easy overview of how much you have made on a nickel sale.
  • Search function in admin area to quickly help you locate a payment.
  • Rename templates directory for security.  (Optional)
  • Store your download outside of the web root for security.  (Optional)
  • Supports redirecting to secure pages.  SSL supported.  (Optional)
  • Supports SMTP mail settings.  (Optional)
  • Built in 100% affiliate commission scheme.  (Optional)


What's The Deal Here Today?


The price is currently just $27 - we've sold hundreds of copies!

We're going to be putting the price up. With an eventual final price of $47, you're getting staggering value on a piece of software that is both easy to install and easy to use.



So What Do you Get For Your Money?

  • A copy of the Nickel Script that you can install on as many domains as you personally own
  • A set of usage docs in PDF format
  • The ability to rapidly build a list of buyers, or just make some fast money!

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If you're still umming and ahhing at this stage, then be warned that every moment that passes by means other people are buying while you're still trying to decide.

Don't delay another moment...  And don't say you weren't warned...  The next time you look the price will be higher.


P.S.  Remember, the Nickel Script is just $27.00 FREE right now!

P.P.S.  Bargains like this don't come along every day, but when they do, you should grab them with both hands or be forever regretting the decision.

P.P.P.S.  If you leave this page now, the next time you read about the Nickel Script may be when it's at $47.
















Now only $27.00 FREE...

Click The Button Above To Get Nickel Script for FREE

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FREE from the Developer of Nickel Script


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